Power supply alternative from Radio Shack

If you misplace your power supply and you're near a Radio Shack you can purchase one of their off the shelf supplies. The Mopho x4 Keyboard will operate on a DC voltage range from 13-15 volts DC. It needs a minimum of 500 mAh. Any power supply that provides a DC voltage between 13-15 volts and 500 mAh or more will work. 

Here are the Radio Shack PSU specs:


Radio Shack Power Supply

Enercell™ 15V/1000mA AC Adapter

Model: 273-332  | Catalog #: 273-332



Enercell™ Adaptaplug™ M

Model: Adaptaplug M  | Catalog #: 273-344



PSU plug specs: OD 5.5mm, ID 2.1mm, length 9.5mm

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