How to play the Tempest as a polyphonic synth from a MIDI keyboard

1. First connect a MIDI cable from your keyboard controller's MIDI Out to the Tempest's MIDI In port.

2. Select a MIDI channel on the keyboard controller. 

3. On the Tempest, enter the System menu and set "MIDI: SysEx IN+OUT Cable" to "MIDI Port".

4. In the System menu, assign the "MIDI Synth IN Channel" to match the MIDI channel you selected on your keyboard controller.

5. In the System menu, assign the "MIDI Synth Sound" to the pad you want for playing synth sounds. 

*You can also use the above procedure over the Tempest USB port connected to a DAW or USB host. Select "USB" for step 3 in this case.


*Polyphonic synth mode works for sounds which are NOT assigned to a specific voice. 
For example: if there are no sounds assigned to a specific voice you will have up to 6 voices to play as a poly synth. If you have a kick assigned to voice 1 and a snare assigned to voice 2, that removes those two voices from the number of available voices for polyphonic synth playback. This would leave 4 voices remaining for poly synth mode. If sounds are assigned to all 6 voices, there will be none available. 

*Notes played via MIDI take priority over notes played by Tempest’s sequencer, just as notes played from the pads do.

*Regarding the sequencer with poly synth mode: The current limitation is that recording to the sequencer is monophonic, so it does not directly play chords back, although you can work around this by assigning multiple pads to the same sound.

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