Prophet '08 Keyboard Key Replacement Guide

Prophet ‘08 Key Replacement

Tools needed: needle nose pliers, small standard screwdriver

The keys on the Prophet ‘08 are held in place by the key spring at the back of the key and by a plastic clip that is integral to the key and accessible through a slot in the top of the key.




To release the key spring, grasp the upper coils with needle nose pliers and pull it straight up until the wider coils are clear of the top of the key.




Insert a small, standard screwdriver into the slot in the key top and gently pull the clip towards you to release the key from the key bed. At the same time, pull up on the back of the key to remove it.





Then slide the new key into place and press down until the clip snaps on. Use the needle nose pliers to return the spring to its original position.

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