Mopho, Mopho Keyboard, x4 & Tetra programs in Prophet '08 format

Here are the programs for the Mopho desktop, the Mopho Keyboard, the Tetra, and the Mopho x4 converted to Prophet '08 format. Since the Mopho and Mopho Keyboard have 3 banks, banks 1&2 have been converted straight across, and bank 3 has been converted to Prophet bank 1. The Tetra has 4 banks, but the first 2 banks already contain Prophet banks 1&2 for easy poly chaining. Therefore only Tetra banks 3&4 have been converted to Prophet banks 1&2, respectively. Only banks 1&2 of the x4 have been converted.

Because the Prophet does not have the analog feedback circuit or sub-oscillators those parameters will be set to zero, so some Mopho, Tetra, and x4 programs may sound different when loaded into the Prophet.



There is no separate "user memory" area on the Prophet, so this will overwrite program banks 1 and/or 2. You can always reinstall the factory programs at any time by downloading them here:

Prophet '08 Factory Programs


Important! Backup your programs by performing a SysEx dump before installing these if you have any custom work. 

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