How to load the Prophet '08 Factory Programs

Here's how to get the Prophet factory sound banks reloaded to your synth. To begin, download the sound bank of your choosing at the following link to our website:


We recommend the following two free SysEx utility applications for use with our instruments: (OSX) (PC)


You will find the manuals for each application at the following respective links:


Download and install the application of your choosing. On the Prophet, enter the Global menu (press the Global button) and note the MIDI channel it is assigned to. You can transmit the factory programs on any MIDI channel you choose. 

Open the downloaded Prophet sound bank SysEx file in the SysEx utility application. With a MIDI interface connected to your computer,  connect a single MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of your MIDI interface to the MIDI In of the Prophet. If you have larger than a 1x1 MIDI interface, select the MIDI output port connected to the Prophet  in SysEx Librarian or MIDIOX.  Make sure the output is assigned to the same MIDI channel the Prophet is set to. If the Prophet's MIDI channel is assigned to "All", use channel 1 in the SysEx utility software. 

Send the Sysex file to the Prophet. The Prophet's display should update as it receives the sound bank patch files.

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